Restaurant complex D.O.M.

The restaurant complex, whose name hides the abbreviation "Deus Optimus Maximus" (Latin for "First Among the Gods"), proudly bears its name, because it is exactly this massive project on the Black Sea coast, became the first and the only one of its kind restaurant-art-object.

Four floors of the D.O.M. restaurant complex include a cafe, a two-level restaurant, karaoke and a spacious terrace with a stunning view of the sea and snow-white yachts.

It is a real gem of the gastronomic industry. Combining luxury, exquisite cuisine and stunning views, D.O.M. is a must-visit place for tourists and Sochi residents alike

D.O.M. restaurant gallery

The chef of D.O.M. restaurant is known for his gastronomic masterpieces that combine innovation and traditional approach. Creating unique dishes, using seasonal products and experimenting with different flavor combinations is the main secret behind the incredible popularity of Asher's dishes, which leave no one indifferent